I don’t care what you think!

I’ve struggled with this for years. But I’ve finally realized that it’s ok to think the way I think and to voice this. In my personal life, and in my professional life too.

I work as a Barber. I meet different people everyday. I touch them. I violate their boundaries. And they violate mine at the same time. I help create their appearance, and I love and hate that.

I came to this profession later in life, so I see things a bit differently. I’m not the one to kiss your ass to be my client. I’m not going to be all happy and light when you don’t wash your hair for days, and I can’t even hold a comb in my hand because my hands are greasy from your dirty hair.

I have no tolerance for bullshit.

If I have a kid in my chair that won’t sit still, he’s going to get a haircut that reflects that. I’m not the “It’s ok buddy, you’re doing great” type. It’s a haircut. Not surgery.

I’ve been around the block a few times and I know what real life is like. Haircuts aren’t life or death procedures. This is a belief very close to my heart. When you lose your hair due to stress, a haircut is a luxury. But that’s another story.

I have a handful of clients that come to me and I love them. It’s an energy thing. It’s not so much about the haircut, but it’s about the connection. That’s how I’m wired. I do what I can with what I know and it’s a unique kind of experience. I’m not fake, and neither are they, and it’s a wonderful experience for both of us.

I love my job, and I hate it too. I give everything to everyone I see. But I don’t always get it back. It makes me bitter a lot, but I keep my sanity by being true to myself and honest.

Maybe my telling some guy his hair is dirty will help him finally land a girlfriend. Who knows. Guys are pretty much clueless these days. Half of them don’t even know how to tip.

I’m still here, humbly doing what I’m doing, hoping to find that connection with someone. That’s my thing. I won’t baby you. I don’t do that.

So, I like and hate what I do. That’s common for most people. But one thing I’m comfortable with, is the fact that I’m honest and real with people. They deserve that.

“Everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the same”

It seems like everyone I know is changing these days. That’s a very good thing. Everyone needs to change in order to grow. But what’s not good is changing and creating an inflated ego. Like just because they’ve done something different, their lives are suddenly somehow now better than mine. It’s not said, but implied. Change should be enlightening and it should inspire you to create a better world for others and not just yourself. You’ve found a passion? Great. Nurture it. But don’t forget your friends that encouraged you, and don’t forget the chance you have to inspire others. An ego doesn’t do that. True enlightenment lifts people up.

If you’ve found your passion, be compassionate of those who haven’t. Don’t forget them. We are on our way. Change within ourselves creates change in the world. We are all working on it. Maybe not in the same way you do, but it will still be meaningful in our own way. We are still here. Don’t forget us.

The ego in me might be talking now. But the feelings are real.