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I was running late for work one day as always, and I was scrambling to get out the door. I had no time to put on my makeup, but I always have time to put on perfume, and today it was my favorite called Vixen. Anyway, I desperately needed my coffee but I had no “to go” mugs clean, and I wasn’t about to wash one. So I filled up a regular mug and headed out. As I was getting into my car, I spilled my coffee all over myself, and this caused me to smell like Vixen and coffee for the rest of the day.


This story pretty much sums up my life. I’m always running late. My mind is always somewhere else.  I’m messy and scatterbrained and I’m always stressing myself out. I know for a fact that if I simply got out of my own way, life would be so much easier.


Since I don’t see that happening any time soon, I figured I could at least pour the endless thoughts out of my head to maybe make room for other things. So, this is how Vixen and Coffee was born. It’s just a place where I can say some stuff, and maybe people can relate in some way. I’m pretty sensitive and very vulnerable at times, and I can’t ever hide it. The older I get, I see this as a strength instead of a weakness, but sometimes it’s both. Most of the time, it’s both.


So, this blog is pretty much a big journal. I ripped off the lock  and threw away the key so I can share it all with you. I hope there’s a little something in here for everyone. Enjoy!






1 thought on “About Vixen and Coffee

  1. I read your cmments on new years resolutions and decided to make only one . I’m looking for a new body for my still working head. Fat chance .
    Your Dad

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