The sky is deep
Like an ocean above me
The stars are dense and never ending
Sparkling light
Illuminating wisps of white
The trees are black
Holding their own life in the darkness
Lives of instinct, lives that live
Without thinking too hard
They just live
Without worry
Water running
Freezing in the cold
And then opening up
and running again when it thaws
just running without thinking
Without worry
The shooting stars I see
are really a death to them
But signify life to so many
Making a wish
Seeing a sign
The end of something is a beginning to someone else
People say they feel small
While looking at the deep night sky
But I feel big
like I’m a part of it
This deep, dark ocean above me
Thick with stars
The light in the unknown
I’m a part of all this and I want to fit in
But I’m not sure where I belong
Where do I belong?
The deep night sky
The ocean above me
It lights the life inside me

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