Lighten up and say thank you!

When it comes to taking compliments, I think there are three ways of taking them.

The first way is from an insecure place, and we refuse to accept it, and endlessly explain why we don’t deserve such things.

The second way is also from an insecure place, and we accept this compliment, but we don’t stop there. We take it and run with it. One compliment can inflate our ego so much, that we continue to blow sunshine up our own ass until no one can take it anymore.

The third way is from a place that is either self-assured, or insecure, or a mix of both. When a compliment is paid to us, we graciously accept it. No pity party, no grandiose announcement to the world. Just a very genuine “thank you.”

Number three is my favorite, however I’m still working on it. I still have a bit of the first example in me.

Compliments are a gift from others to us. They may come frequently, or they may come rarely. But accepting them graciously is a gift to both yourself, and the people that give them to you.

Regardless if you feel you are or are not worthy of such things, or you have no idea what to say, remember that someone noticed something in you. Enough for them to tell you. And we are very deserving, whether we feel it or not. So just enjoy this, and lighten up and say “thank you”

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