My downward facing dog is better than yours

Yoga is all over the place these days. I think that’s wonderful, but I don’t think it’s around much for the reason it was intended.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not educated on the history of yoga, except that it is meant to be a spiritual practice. It’s meant to promote a sense of calm in our lives and bring us to another level of being. That is why I explored it years ago. I read up on it a little, and found a couple of DVDs. I fell in love with Steve Ross, who had a class on the Oxygen Network. It was fun and light-hearted, and he taught yoga in a relatable and spiritual way. Then the show was cancelled. What was I to do?

I tried attending a class or two, and I clearly didn’t belong. Maybe the classes weren’t right for me, I don’t know. I had flashbacks of my aspiring actress days in NYC. I’d go to an acting class to learn, and there was always someone there with their headshot and resume. Hello? It’s a class. You’re not applying for a job. This turned me off to acting entirely. And I have to say, the attitudes in the yoga classes has done the same thing.

It doesn’t seem to be spiritual to me now. Everyone is showing off their photos of yoga poses. Yoga on a swing. Boat pose on a paddle board. Profile pic of Tree pose. Ok. You can pose. Good for you.

I drive through a yoga studio’s parking lot to get to and from work. One day I was driving through, and there was this guy in front of my car. Yoga mat and cell phone in hand, and he refused to move. Complete arrogance. Is this what yoga is about? I didn’t think so. But I’m sure is Pigeon pose is flawless.

No one in these classes I’ve attended are approachable. There’s an arrogance about them, and I thought that was against the philosophy, really. It’s all about the yoga gear, the yoga pants, and the ability to look sexy in those pants, doing a pose that shows how flexible you are. It’s not really about the true practice of yoga.

I’d like to get into yoga again. But I won’t practice just because it’s cool or the thing to do. I won’t attend a class that’s like bootcamp. I don’t need enlightenment drilled into me. You’ll never see a photo of me doing some ridiculous pose on a beach and I won’t do it for a “yoga body.” I want to do it for the reasons I was drawn to yoga in the first place. Inner peace.

And if I do practice again, it will be in the privacy of my own living room. Steve Ross on the DVR, and I’m sure I won’t look very sexy. But I’m working toward something much more than that. So who cares?

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