Simmer down, now

I’m on Facebook of course, so I see a lot of people trying to explain their lives and personalities through posts and memes. I do this too, but some go to extremes. What I usually see most is people claiming how honest they are. “I’m gonna tell you the truth!” “I don’t sugar coat anything!” “Yes, I’m a bitch. Get used to it!”

I see these posts and such, and all I can say is, “why??!!” Why does anyone feel the need to be this way? Can’t one have an opinion, and voice it respectfully? Better yet, give advice only when asked? And even better than that, stop making everything about them?

Sometimes I think that when people say these things, they are trying to feel better about themselves. Like it’s a defense mechanism or something.

“Accept me for ME!” is in my face over and over so much, that I wonder if they are actually trying to accept themselves. I’ve been there, and I can admit now, that’s what I was trying to say.

I try to be respectful when I’m communicating with others. If I disagree with someone, it’s ok. I don’t automatically feel the need to get all up in there and correct everyone, and bring them to my side. In my experience, that approach never works. I don’t think anyone can hear an unsolicited, “I’m gonna say it like it is. I don’t sugar coat things,” and respond with, “Oh wow! You enlightened me. Thank you for your insight.”

Maybe some people are proud to be this way, I don’t know. But I know that I try to treat others with compassion, and I try to be respectful. I may not get that in return, but that’s how I handle things. For me, an in-my-face, unsolicited opinion will get you nowhere.

I hope the “I’m a bitch and proud of it” trend ends eventually. That is an attitude that will build a wall between those who adopt this philosophy and the world. I have yet to meet someone who responds well to the “bitch” tactic. I know I don’t. I go out of my way to avoid harsh and hardened people.

So, this is to the “I say it like it is” folks: If I come to you for advice, feel free to tell me like it is. If I don’t, please keep it to yourself. I don’t look for a debate. That’s not what I’m about. Please go and “say it like it is” to someone else.

Thank you 🙂

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