The nipple doesn’t need freedom. The world does

Free the nipple. Is all over the place. Women wanting equality, wanting to not be objectified. Breasts are for feeding a child, not to be sexualized.
Give me a fucking break.

Breasts are many things. They feed children, and they are also something that sets us apart from the male gender. Breasts have been “sexualized” from the beginning of time. If anyone tells you different, they’re lying. I challenge any red-blooded male to tell me that breasts aren’t sexual. They are. Fucking admit that and own it.

Men have nipples, and it’s always been socially and culturally acceptable to show them. Women have nipples too, but we also have breasts. That’s the difference there.

I know that this whole “free the nipple” movement started with breastfeeding. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s not my issue, so I’m not even going to address that. My issue is the hypocrites. Both men and women. “Look at my photo with my boobs with this amazing push-up bra, but it’s not about my boobs.” And the men. I saw a comment on Facebook from a man recently, “Nipples are feeding tubes.” Give me a break. I’m sure that’s exactly what he’s thinking when he’s with his girlfriend (if he has one) “I have no interest in your feeding tubes right now. They’re for your child.”

This country has its priorities messed up. There are women in countries that aren’t allowed to show their ankles or their faces, for God’s sake. And this. “Free the nipple” is one of our goals. I feel it is arrogant and entitled and embarrassing. We have it pretty good here. Women can do what they want. We can wear whatever we want. We can say whatever we want. Not everyone has that freedom. I’m sure women who have to wear scarves over their faces in public don’t give a shit about their nipples.

The thing is, women are amazing, multifaceted creatures. We were gifted with breasts that are capable of feeding children, but they are also capable of attracting a mate. They are both functional and sexual, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why any woman would choose between the two. Why not embrace both? We have it all, really. We can be maternal and sexual at the same time. How amazing is that? We don’t need to walk around topless to prove that we are equal. We are what we are and we are wonderful. We should honor our bodies and not use them to prove a point. Appreciate the freedoms we have, because there are women all over the world that would love to have it all. Accept yourself as a sexual being, because we all are, and it’s ok.

So, I’m pretty sure the the rest of the world pretty doesn’t give a shit about freeing the nipple. I sure as hell don’t. I believe things like this make us look ridiculous. Find a real cause. Volunteer. Help the homeless. Fight for human rights. Real human rights, like helping those less fortunate have basic needs; Food, clothing, and shelter. Or animal rights, or whatever you want. You don’t need to show your nipples to make a difference for the less privileged. We have it good. Appreciate it, and put a damned shirt on.

Thank you for reading

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